Points we cover in Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad

Section 01 - Stock Market Basics

Stock Market Basics

  • Investment ethics
  • Opportunities in trading
  • The IPO market
  • The stock market
  • Rules to make money
  • Financial jargons

Section 02 - Technical Analysis Basics

Technical Analysis Basics

  • Why Reading price
  • Diving into technical analysis
  • Fundamental vs Technical Analysis
  • Stock Selection
  • Construction of charts
  • Practising charting tools
  • Candlesticks trading
  • Trends are fractal
  • Support and resistance
  • Trend analysis and breakouts
  • Trend lines and time frame
  • Do's and don'ts to become a successful analyst


  • 1.5 hours classroom sessions
  • 1.5 Month duration
  • Study material
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Section Wise Test


  • This course is specially designed for freshers who want to know everything about Stock Market concepts from basics.
  • New investors, retail investors and stock market working professionals.


  • Students joining this training program will be given a “Certificate of Completion” from Money Plant Trading Academy after successful completion of the course for stock market and technical analysis for beginners.
  • A lifetime email support and classroom group of all MPTA students will also be available by the student for any kind of doubt clearance related to training while pursuing the stock markets and technical analysis for beginners course.
  • The course contains various case studies which will help the students to understand the stock market in a better way by providing practical knowledge.

Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad

Are you interested in a career as a technical analyst? Begin by reconsidering what an analyst is capable of and should be capable of. Learners from all over the world may grasp the stock market by taking the Money Plant Trading Academy's s renowned Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad. Our trading model breakthrough is featured in the certification course.

India presently is overflowing with talent, fuelled by millions of ideas, aspirations, and ambitions. We at Money Plant Trading Academy are motivated by this aspiration that propels India forward and elevates its status on the international scene.

This Technical Analysis training academy in India offers accreditation for stock trading courses. Learners, investors, and traders now have the chance to easily learn Technical Analysis of stocks with Money Plant Trading Academy. The Certified Technical Analysis Program at Money Plant Trading Academy is the greatest program for learning charts and stock trading strategies.

Being taught Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad at Money Plant Trading Academy is a different experience than learning it from a textbook since the instructors emphasize how to use Technical Analysis in real-time markets. Here, more than one method is used to teach Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad of stocks for better and more thorough learning. The greatest Technical Analysis education in India is offered by Money Plant Trading Academy. Learn intraday trading and positional trading in real-time markets.

Stock Analysis Course in Ahmedabad

Technical Analysis is a straightforward strategy for making money. Most stock traders use recommendations, which results in them making ill-informed decisions. Trades end up losing money as a result. However, trading without professional training is a type of betting.

Stock Analysis Course in Ahmedabad the tools needed to properly bridge the difference. Considering how unpredictable the securities market has traditionally been. Therefore, to invest and trade successfully, you must have access to every instrument conceivable. Allow one to be sustained in all trading categories and trending markets if comprehended.

Trading Behavior, which is responsible for 90 percent of the profitability in the stock market, is a major component of this Technical Analysis Course, which focuses on understanding oneself before investing your first money. With the aid of an in-depth Stock Analysis Course in Ahmedabad, stock chart analysis, trading methods, and more, you can grasp the skill and philosophy of trading.

Do a Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad so you can grasp the profit target and trade with less risk. The techniques of successful traders are covered in this Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad, along with original concepts for trading intraday, swing trades, short-term deliveries, futures, and options.

Advantages of Learning Stock Analysis Course in Ahmedabad

In addition, taking the Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad gives you lifetime access to a special network of market participants and subject-matter experts with whom you may freely exchange ideas and get answers to your questions. You may learn Technical Analysis of stocks and how to forecast future movements from historical trend data in this Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad. This is helpful for newcomers who want to learn the fundamental terms and principles of the market and begin a new profession in the field of stock markets.

Start Learning Today!

If you are someone looking to quickly get started in the stock market then Money Plant Trading Academy may be just the right place for you. The courses are specifically designed for beginners so that they can find all the relevant information in one place. This course is regularly updated to provide you modern learning experience with real time application.

Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad
Technical Analysis Course in Ahmedabad